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NEGATIVE Digital Photo Editing

NEGATIVE Digital Photo Editing

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Send me that one special revered old photographic image from your negatives (Color or Black & White) that you have tucked away somewhere in a drawer or shoebox. Let me transform that old image into a brand new "Family Heirloom" that you and your relatives and friends will be proud to frame and display in your home!

I will transform those irreplaceable old photographic negatives (Black & White or Color), eroded by time, into a high resolution digital images, and then print for you brand new photograph(s) in whatever size(s) you desire that will look many times better than your old original.

Your photos will be professionally edited for tonal balance, discoloration, color balancing, dust, cracks, and scratch removal. Your photos, slides, or negatives will be carefully and professionally handled and promptly returned to you by register mail.

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